Saturday, April 25, 2009

How is it that I could become this old and have never knowingly had a Margarita? I say knowingly, because it's just possible that in some cocktail bar or at some drunken party someone has passed me one, without identifying it, and me being either drunk or ignorant drank it without noticing. But it doesn't seem likely. It is one of the worlds great drinks, after all. The fact is, I grew up in world where cider was considered to be an acceptable drink of choice for teenagers, and obviously had a terrible education... I never really got into cocktails, they always seemed like too much trouble. I could get drunk enough, thank you very much, on beer and wine. Why go looking for more trouble? Anyway - there I was, in Texas, sitting in a bar, and it just came out... I've never had a Margarita. My terrible secret. I felt vaguely ashamed. I wasn't even sure I knew what one was, although I was pretty certain it would have to include Tequila, considering the location. The waiter looked at me as though I was taking the piss. It was only a short hop to the Mexican border from our table after all, they probably give Margaritas away with school lunches around here. And so here it is. My first Margarita...

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