Thursday, April 23, 2009

Ryan Air, they do make me laugh. I used to use them a lot, but as my travel needs changed over the years, they became a less attractive option for me, and their punishing charges for any sort of sensible baggage, as well as the just plain stupid limit to the weight of carry on baggage made them unusable for me when I have my cameras with me. However, I was just looking at their website, and saw another attempt by them to get some free publicity, by pretending they are thinking of charging heavy passengers an extra fee... a "fat tax" - expect to see this story picked up by the papers and radio over the next few days, giving Ryan Air loads of free publicity, and further increasing the myth that Ryan Air is a cheap way of traveling...

As a tall person, around 6' 6", I've often wondered at the sense of trying to charge me an extra fee for the 4kgs of weight in my bag, while completely ignoring the extra 30kgs I was carrying in my legs (and yes, ok, around my waist...).

Anyway, should you wish to read the whole, rather funny piece on Ryan Air's website, here's the link:

Ryan Air "Fat Tax" story

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