Tuesday, May 05, 2009

On a recent trip to the USA I had a chance to drop in and see my old friend Efisio Farris and his family in Houston. I have worked with Efisio a few times over in Sardinia, but have never had the chance to go to his legendary restaurant in Houston, Texas. What a treat! In a modern setting him and his enthusiastic staff are serving up absolutely top notch food. I ate there twice, and both times the food was an absolute delight - fresh, full of flavor and cooked to perfection. The food is strongly influenced by Efisio's Sardinian heritage - the seafood pasta dish I had on my second visit was as good as the seafood he had served me once in Sardinia - and that was one of my all time top ten memorable meals! If ever you are in Houston, do yourself a favor and head down to the Arcodoro restaurant for a meal.

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