Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm just back from an interesting trip to Sweden. Concentrating on some of the locally produced foods. Most memorable was a trip out to pull up a couple of lobsters and a few crabs from the chilly waters off the west coast with the friendly and helpful Karlsson brothers near Grebbestad. They run a small business called Everts Boathouse that offers various water-based adventures and are highly recommended if you are in the area. I can vouch for the lobsters being very tasty. The crabs were all put back in the sea to live another day. For those of you who are paying attention and read my previous update to this blog, the new camera bag sailed through security at the airports, despite a momentary panic at Gothenburg check-in when the bag easily fitted into the measuring frame but then seemed as though it wasn't going to come out again, much to the amusement of everyone concerned.

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