Friday, November 26, 2010

Occasionally I find myself stuck at airports with many hours to kill before the flight. It's never much fun, and often turns into an excuse to eat expensive chocolate while staring blankly at departure notices. Occasionally in the past I've arrived at the airport so early that the more enlightened carriers have been able to move me onto an earlier flight on the same route, even though I didn't have a flexible ticket. The budget airlines have never been particularly helpful like this, but I notice today in an e mail I received from easyJet, that they are now offering to do exactly this, and free of charge too. EasyJet are very keen to extend the amount of business travellers that use their airline, and they are pushing this feature as a reason to fly with them if you are travelling for work. Most budget airlines don't fly so frequently to any given destination that this is likely to happen very often, but it's definitely worth keeping in mind. I'm interested to hear from anyone who has managed to take advantage of this, and get themselves onto an earlier flight. Is it really free as claimed or are there some sneaky added charges?

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