Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Now here's an odd thing. This photo. (For the record, it's Eagle Ray's bar and restaurant on Roatan, Honduras). It's got a good response from people I show it too - they tend to love it. It's spectacular for sure -  but yet, this picture still leaves me a little cold. Why is that? The fact is, this picture was too easy to take... The building was there. I had nothing to do with it - So long as it's still there you could probably go and take this exact same picture tomorrow... the sunset repeats itself fairly often in that part of the world, I would imagine. All I had to do was make sure the camera was stable for the length of time required for the right exposure (normally I'd use a tripod, but on this occasion I rested the camera on the top of a large log of wood) and take the shot. I feel as though it would have been pretty tricky to take a really bad photo of this subject and as such I feel as though there is very little of me in this photo - my vision. I also feel as though I didn't really have to compose the photo, the exposure was dictated by the conditions and everything is in focus. So what was there for me to do? Well, the fact is, quite a lot - if you explore flickr for similar pictures you can find a small set taken at the same place - (to save you doing it, here's a link: ) and I have to say that I think my picture - on this rare occasion - wins hands down for capturing the drama of the location... Perhaps I should not be so hard on myself. Just maybe I do have something to bring to the party, even when the party seems to be rocking along pretty well without me. Now, of course, I know that this isn't a reasonable test. I am after all a professional photographer, who has been taking travel photographs for over thirty years. However, the comparison between my image and the other ones on flickr just go to show that all that does add up to something, something that I should remind myself of more often. 

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