Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Of course, getting injured while abroad is one thing - but becoming ill is something else again. Falling off your skis and breaking an ankle brings a whole team of professionals to your aid (so long as you have insurance, and you do have insurance, don't you?) but developing a fever when you are in a small backpackers hotel in the back of beyond somewhere is a different kettle of fish. Of course, so long as they do not come down with  the same thing as you, it helps enormously if you are traveling with someone. I've had a few occasions on my travels when I've had to change my plans and just take to my bed for a few days. It's not very pleasant, and has even been a bit scary. Most of my traveling has been done alone. However, there is usually someone around who will go out to get you water and the occasional meal. Fortunately, I've never actually felt like I've needed a doctor abroad though - and have always recovered enough to carry on after a few days. If you are an EU citizen, and traveling in Europe you should have a current European Health Insurance Card with you at all times (In the UK you can get them from here) and there are now quite a few annual travel insurance schemes available that cost as much for a years cover that some travel agents will try and charge you for two weeks cover in Spain. I have an annual policy that I have been getting from Marcus Hearn for a number of years now. I've only had to make one claim that they settled with no problems, so I guess you could say that I recommend them.

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