Monday, May 25, 2009

How I wish I was in New York City... I hear on the BBC that there is currently an experiment going on in Times Square to close Broadway to traffic in that area - turning the area into a much more pedestrian friendly area... Big changes in major tourist areas like that are rare, and golden opportunities to take the sort of pictures that will make the old pictures look very out of date, and yours very contemporary. I've made good money in these sort of situations in the past - taking pictures in New York (when they cleaned up the Statue of Liberty for the bi-centennial celebrations a long time ago!) and in Paris when they started to mess around with the lighting on the Eiffel Tower are two that spring to mind.
I understand this experiment will go on until the end of the year. Even if it doesn't last it might be a chance to get some pictures that you couldn't get normally without being mown down by a yellow cab - so if you are in the area, grab your camera and get down there! I'd be interested to see the results... 

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