Wednesday, May 18, 2011

I was recently at a "major camera producers" HQ here in London, and waiting for a meeting. I got talking with another photographer there, who had the following problem: He had recently bought an expensive 400mm lens from a well known supplier here in London, that was sold as a "new" lens that had been used as a "demonstration" model and was slightly reduced in price. This lens had then developed a minor fault that the "manufacturer" was struggling to identify and fix. As the photographer had been honest with them about the reduced price purchase arrangement, there was a complicated debate going on between him, the camera producer and the original store about the status of this lens. The manufacturer was suggesting that this lens was could be classed as "second hand" and so any warranty the photographer had was actually with the store rather than with themselves, while the store were saying it was a "new" lens and so the warranty should be supported by manufacturer. At the time I spoke to the photographer the situation was unresolved, and the manufacturer was not saying it would refuse to fix the lens under warranty, but just that they needed more information as to the status of the sale. The photographer, however, was stuck in the middle and obviously very frustrated with the whole situation. I don't know how it all worked out - I'm pretty sure those nice guys whom I also deal with at "the manufacturer" would have sorted it out in the end, but still, it's a warning for us all.

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