Saturday, February 25, 2012

Moving house can be a bit disruptive, on all sorts of levels. My recent move has made me make a number of changes to the way I go about things. Not least, it's not quite so easy for me to drop into the photographic suppliers in central London to pick up the odd bits of equipment and materials that photographers need in their everyday life. So I've started to make use of the various delivery services available. I was a bit curious as to how the courier companies would cope with the challenge of delivering the 9 feet long rolls of "seamless" background paper I often use for portraits on location when one is trying to get that clean studio look (see here for an example of the kind of jobs I use them for The one thing I wasn't expecting is that they would fold it up up to put it in the back of the van making it pretty much unusable. I need not have worried though. One quick phone call to the supplier and they sent me another one that arrived, with no bends in it, the following day. So, does anyone want a bent roll of white paper?

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